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Actress | NYC | Sag-E
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About Me

Lexy Dewland is a NY based actor whose most recent accolades include a reading and directing of the Ukrainian play Maïdan Inferno, an original play with Columbia University and an independent short film (Burden) which has won Official Selection in several festivals. She commonly books 18+ to play younger, including sarcastic teenagers, assholes with a heart of gold, mean girls, and occasionally girl-next-door roles. She has completed Stella Adler’s Professional Conservatory and Meisner based classes at Rutgers University NB.  She is available as a local hire in NY, NJ and in Philadelphia. And most importantly-she loves anime. Since being introduced to“Speed Racer” as a child by her Dad, her favorite anime have grown to include “Devilman Crybaby”, “Demon Slayer”, “Jujustsu Kaisen”, and “Megalo Box”.